By Assly Sayyar, SI Vista NCI President 2019-2020


Our program speaker in January (a lunch meeting at Wildwood Crossing)  is tentatively scheduled to be industry expert in corporate leadership, international speaker and author Sylvia Becker-Hill. She was originally scheduled to speak in September but  a death in her family forced her to reschedule

Sylvia has worked for over 20 years in business as a corporate change agent, leadership trainer and c-suite executive coach with Fortune 500 clients around the world. She is also the creator of the Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School, a real world and online school that helps women unlearn the patriarchal “Super Woman” rules that have been strangling our true success and show us how to master all areas of our lives by simply being–women.

Sylvia will be speaking to us on how to grow our membership by helping us overcome our own resistance when we have trouble meeting new people and making new connections.

 Meeting Location and Time: Wildwood Crossing, 116 Civic Center Drive, Vista, 12 noon.



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