FROM TOP: Jaimee Johnson, Rochelle Orozco Vargas, Guadalupe Martinez and Xochitl Dybbro are just four of the six deserving women who received this year’s Live Your Dream Award and check via mail — we hope to celebrate with them some time in the future, when it is safe to do so!

President’s Message May 2020

by Assly Sayyar, President, SI Vista NCI

 Soroptimists Don’t Quit

It is our club’s tradition to celebrate our educational awardees every year with a big party. In past years there have been luncheons and dinners to give out thousands of dollars in Live Your Dream awards.

This year our club gave out awards totaling $18,000 to SIX amazing women. We would have loved to celebrate with them, meet their families and loved ones and recognize them publicly but we could not do that this year. Still, awards were mailed out and that money is making a difference in the lives of those women as they further their education and make their dreams reality.

It is also an annual event for our club to join with other Soroptimist Clubs in our Desert Coast Region and attend the DCR Spring Conference. At Spring Conference all the clubs in our region meet, share ideas, remember those who have passed away, learn of how to better our clubs and our projects, and gain a greater understanding of what our federation is doing to invest in the dreams of women and girls across the globe.

We also meet the women from other clubs who have advanced to receive additional educational grants from the Live Your Dream Award program.

Thoralinda Soyland will be sworn in as Region Governor at Conference, which has been postponed to October 2020.

This year we were especially looking forward to our very own Thora Soyland being sworn in as our Regional Governor. Sadly, the event has been postponed to October, 2020. But that does not mean we are cut off from our Region and our sister clubs. We stay in contact and in touch with their leadership and take part in creative fundraising that benefits all of our clubs and the women and girls in the Desert Coast Region.

This pandemic may change the way we do things but it won’t change what we do and what we are committed to: Investing in the dreams of women and girls.

Every two years, all clubs from the entire Soroptimist of the Americas (“SIA”) meet. Clubs from Asia, North America, and South America that are part of our federation were planning to meet in Washington State in July, 2020. During these bi-annual conventions, friendships are formed across borders and languages and cultures. Members meet with a common purpose. That event has been cancelled.

While we are not going to meet in person this year, we are still connected to those clubs and to our Federation. SIA remains in touch with us all, providing information and resources to help clubs working towards the mission during these very strange times.

So no, things are not the same. Plans have been disrupted. Parties and travel plans have been cancelled or postponed.

But we as a club and as Soroptimist members are more than the events we plan or the meetings we hold. We are part of every Live Your Dream recipient who receives a check from monies that we helped raise.

We play a part when every young girl thinks about her future and sets goals and dreams big while studying at home after taking part in our Dream It Be It program.

We are part of the solution when governments and communities build awareness and work to stop violence against women, domestic violence, and human trafficking. We continue to work towards our mission.

This pandemic may change the way we do things but it won’t change what we do and what we are committed to: Investing in the dreams of women and girls.

So, as we head into May and June, 2020, I invite you all as members and as our community partners to keep visiting our club’s website and reading our monthly newsletter to remember and keep in mind our mission.

Just like our Live Your Dream recipients, Soroptimists don’t quit.

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